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  • We pay you 15% in commissions for every purchase that comes via your custom signup link or coupon code.
  • We will send your earnings to your provided PayPal address.
  • Recieve a 15% off coupon code which you may share online to start racking up referrals.


Activate your Vinyl Status affiliate account and start earning money today!  Sponsors recieve special access to giveaways and discounts.

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What is the sponsorship program and how does it work?

We’ve received tremendous interest from customers asking to be sponsored so we created a way for anybody to make some extra cash. The program is free of charge and is open for anybody to use.

  1. Sign Up
  2. Share your unique referral URL or promo code with friends/followers and recieve 15% commission off their order.
  3. Get Paid! – We send CASH payments to your PayPal address.

Have a car page with over 100k followers on Instagram?

If you have a car page with over 100k followers on Instagram, contact us at [email protected] – We would love to do business with you.

What promo code should I enter during registration?

During registration, enter a promo code that’s easy to remember, your group/squad name, your name (ie. “VSTeam”)

We will contact you if the chosen code is already in use.

If you would like to change your code or if you experience and difficulties, please contact us.

My promo code has not been activated yet!

Sorry about that! Please contact us and we’ll activate your code for you as soon as possible.

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