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Custom UV Transfer Stickers

  • Our UV DTF 3D PermaTransferStickers harness cutting-edge UV DTF technology and superior sticking power to ensure your designs stay put. These stickers offer unmatched resilience, adhesive solid qualities, and limitless creative options, making them ideal for creators, businesses, and personal use.
  • Utilizing advanced Varnish-coated UV DTF printing techniques, our PermaTransferStickers are designed to maintain their vivid hues without fading, enduring direct sunlight, and adverse weather without losing their luster.
  • Durability and Caution: Our PermaTransferStickers boast exceptional durability and resistance to fading, chipping, and weather; their longevity can vary based on usage and environment. Therefore, we cannot provide warranties or guarantees, and they should not be relied upon for critical applications or equipment.

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